The professional expertise and wellbeing of our staff are important to the Bank of Finland. The Bank also wishes to foster young people’s contact with working life by providing responsible summer jobs for as many students as possible. For new graduates, the Bank of Finland offers the opportunity to develop into top-ranking financial-sector experts in our Young Professionals programme.

Ongoing professional development is an important aspect of work at the Bank of Finland. Our experts can broaden their expertise through, for example, challenging tasks, internal job-rotation and participation in international working groups. Relative to staff numbers, we provide an average of x days of training annually.

To ensure the wellbeing of our staff, we seek at the Bank of Finland to enable the flexible integration of working life and private life. In 2018, an increasing number of staff members took the opportunity for distance work, tailored flexitime and our compressed working hours scheme.

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From graduates learning on the job to the economic policy-shapers of the future

Young Professionals (YP) is a joint programme of the Bank of Finland and the Financial Supervisory Authority aimed at providing young, newly graduated university students and professionals with some years of work experience under their belt with an opportunity to develop into top-rank financial experts while working at the heart of the Eurosystem and familiarising themselves with the core functions of central banking and the financial and insurance supervisory authorities.

At its launch in autumn 2018, nine trainees were selected for the YP programme through an open application process. During a period of a year and a half they will spend spells of around six months at a time in different departments and divisions of the Bank of Finland and the Financial Supervisory Authority.

>> YPs present themselves (video, the Bank’s YouTube channel)

Quality summer work experience

The Bank of Finland supports the employment of young people by providing a summer job for around 40 students annually. These youngsters have enjoyed their time at the Bank and many have also continued at the Bank after the end of the summer.

The ‘Responsible summer job’ campaign challenges employers to offer young people more and better-quality summer jobs. The Bank of Finland will be participating in the campaign again in 2019 and is committed to the six principles of a good summer job.

The Bank of Finland is the favourite employer among business students in Finland.

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