Constant development of the expertise of our personnel, a positive atmosphere at work and a balance between work and leisure are important to the Bank of Finland. We participate in the national ‘Responsible employer’ campaign aimed at developing working life in Finland.

The Bank of Finland is a stable and responsible employer, with a staff of around 360 experts engaged in varied and challenging work of importance to society as a whole (Chart 24). Constant development of our staff’s expertise, good management and a positive working atmosphere allied to a balance between work and leisure are all important at the Bank of Finland.

At the Bank of Finland, we encourage our staff to take advantage of flexible working hours regimes. These help in creating a balance between work and leisure. For example, in 2019 Bank of Finland staff took increasing advantage of opportunities for distance work.

A happy, professional personnel

The Bank of Finland monitors staff wellbeing regularly through personnel surveys. In 2019, the job satisfaction index was 70.9. In line with our aim, this exceeded the Finnish norm for expert staff, which was 70.6.

The Bank invested in systematic development of staff competencies by, for example, carrying out a survey of skills encompassing the entire organisation, and concentrating particularly on clarifying the skills that will be needed in the future. The realisation rate for personal development plans was 80%.

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Sustainable development

The Bank of Finland is a participant in the nationwide Responsible employer (in Finnish) campaign, aimed at developing working life, and is committed, like the other employers participating in the campaign, to offering ever better and more sustainable work experiences to all our personnel.

In addition to the personnel survey, the Bank also gathers development feedback from our personnel on our internal processes in a number of other ways. The recently adopted onboarding surveys are a new feedback and development channel aimed at new members of the Bank’s staff.

Based on the development feedback, we updated the Bank’s induction process by adopting a mentoring system. Each new employee is allocated a personal mentor who will provide support particularly in becoming familiar with the workplace community and getting to know their own new responsibilities.

Equality in the workplace

The Bank of Finland is committed to developing a diverse and equal workplace community. We seek to offer all members of our personnel equal opportunities for career advancement.

We examine salary equality between the sexes relative to the skills level of the post in question. The ratio of mean salary for women to mean salary for men of an equivalent skills level was in 2019 an average of 100%.

The minority sex’s share of management posts is monitored as part of the Bank’s objectives and results framework. Management posts are occupied by 42% women and 58% men. Women’s share of these posts has grown in recent years.

Responsible summer jobs for young people

The Bank of Finland is one of the favourite employers for students of business studies and the most popular employer in the public sector. The employment of young people is part of the Bank’s work in social responsibility. Every year, the Bank of Finland offers in the spirit of the responsible summer job campaign (Vastuullinen kesäduuni, in Finnish) a summer job for around 40 students.

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